Features & Plan

Features & plan

MetriLite Plus

All Features in Lite Plan
+ Messaging
+ Drag-and-Drop workflow
+ AI Chatbot
+ Social Media Management

MetriCare Plus

All Features In MetriCare Plan
All Features In Lite Plan
+ Messaging
+ Care bot*
+ Social Media

MetriLite Plus

All Features In MetriSales
All Features In Lite Plan
+ Messaging
+ Sales bot*
+ Social media

Plus feature

MetriCRM Messaging serves as an all-in-one chat platform for a support or marketing team to have access to multiple messaging platforms accessible within MetriCRM. These chats are accessible by all licensed agents within MetriCRM, and all can be managed within the “MetriChat” page of the CRM dashboard. Messaging aspects will remain the same as the respective platform, with addition of account information accessibility, escalation, actions, and reports. The supported platforms are SMS, WhatsApp Business API (Enterprise & SME), Facebook Messenger, Webchat (via FBM), Line, WeChat, Instagram and Telegram

MetriCRM Social Media Management is developing and shall be launching this module in Q3 2023 to help the business for planning out social media posts, comment and reply, if you run multiple social media accounts for your business to further increase the effectiveness and efficiency by streamlining the management into single system and single user interface

AI-powered Analytics is an artificial intelligent driven which learns the past behaviours, identify patterns and proactively provide comprehensive insights without users asking or actively searching for them to generate and provide analogies, anomalies, outliers, trends, clusters, distribution, correlations, and predictions that can have a direct impact on business.

MetriCRM supports integration with 3rd party system via Representational State Transfer Web Application Programming Interface (RESTful Web API) as a main point of integration. The available integration available are:

    1. OpsCentral API Integration
    2. Yeastar PBX API Integration
    3. 3CS PBX API Integration
    4. Email Server Integration
    5. WhatsApp SME API Integration
    6. Facebook API Integration
    7. Telegram API Integration
    8. Chatbot API Integration
    9. Customer Database API Integration

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